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Distributor of Nylon clamp collars since 29 years

Since 1976, the PGL company is specialized in the distribution of Nylon clamp collars.

We also distribute hollow-wall boxes, grips, cable ties, nylon wallplugs, screws, floor-nails, …..

The clamp collars PGL are primarily used by the electricians to fix the cables and the tubes out of PVC.

Our collars PGL are out of Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon 6.6 or Pa 6.6). Pa 6.6 is more flexible than Pa 6, which gives him a greater resistance to the loads.

Moreover, collars PGL resist the differences in temperatures perfectly.

The behavior of Pa 6.6 on the level of the temperatures is the following:

  • maximum temperature for a short time: 170/200 C
  • maximum temperature for a continuous time: 80/120 C
  • temperature minimum for a continuous time: – 30 C

So collars PGL do not break.

Collars PGL exist in natural Nylon hue or gray hue RAL 7035.
All special hues on command.
The thread of collars PGL is a M6 thread.
All special threads on command.


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